Adhering to tradition, the Viard Cider factory offers a range of ciders for every consumer occasion

Dry, traditional cider
From 4 to 5.5° alcohol, the least sweet, this makes a very thirst-quenching drink which goes well with numerous dishes, meat, fish, poultry and even foie gras. The cider factory offers its dry ciders blended, slightly cloudy or clarified, mingling sweet, slightly acidic or bitter flavours.
Vicomte de Bayeux
Like champagne or creaming wine (crémant), the Vicomte de Bayeux is bottled then kept for several months. After more than a year, a new fermentation is started by the action of yeast. The bottles are then manipulated so that the yeast deposit sinks into the neck of the bottle. After removing the sediment plug, a top-up liqueur is added to allow the Vicomte de Bayeux to reach 8° proof.Combining elegance and nobility, the Vicomte de Bayeux is the traditional cider par excellence. As an apéritif, with meals, connoisseurs will appreciate the Vicomte de Bayeux.
Sweet cider
Low in alcohol, 1.5 to 3°, fruity and fresh to the taste, it is ideal as an aperitif or with light meals, its slightly acidic taste readily accompanying sweet dishes. It can also be used to make superb cocktails such as, for example, mixed with crème de cassis or calvados, when it becomes Cidre Royal.


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