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How to Make Homemade Moonshine

Moonshine is a high-proof distilled spirit that was produced illicitly back then.  This is because moonshine can be poisonous if done incorrectly.  These days though, the making of moonshine is not as illegal as it was back then as the drink can now be safely made at home.  The ingredient for making moonshine is simply corn mash.

Moonshine back then was produced by farmers as they were able to make more money from it than they ever did farming.  In terms of weight, they earn much more for a bottle of moonshine that they did with a sack of corn which they also had to transport in order to sell.  This made moonshine a more lucrative business for them that just selling crops.

These days, you can produce moonshine on your own.  Of course, it is crucial that you follow the right process in making it otherwise your brew will become poisonous.  This is why it is not advised to consume unregulated moonshine, particularly those produced by people whom you do not know.  They may have used ingredients that do not particularly work well with our body and may cause certain dangers to use.

Here are the things you need on how to make moonshine:

Pressure Cooker
Copper Tubing
Metal Pot

Ingredients needed:
10 gallons Water
10 lbs. Cornmeal
10 lbs. sugar
½ oz. Yeast

Once everything is prepared, the first thing to do will be to drill a hole on the pressure cooker cover.  This will be the area where the copper tubing will be inserted during evaporation process as the copper tube will act as the condensing tube.  It is crucial that the copper tube fits snuggly on the hole otherwise some of the all-important spirit will just become vapors leaking out.

Once that’s done, it is time to prepare the mash.  Get a pot and boil water.  Once it is boiling, add the cornmeal and stir.  When the cornmeal attains a consistency of paste, remove the pot from the heat and allow it to cool down.  After it has cooled down, pour the paste substance into a clean bucket.  Add sugar and yeast and stir.  Cover the pot with cloth and store in a dark area.  This will now start the fermentation process.  The content will begin to bubble and once this bubbling has stopped, the mix is now ready for distilling.

Strain the content of the pot into your pressure cooker.  Place the lid of the pressure cooker onto your stove.  As the mash begins to boil, trail your copper tubing through cold water, preferably on the kitchen sink and then down to a collecting container.  The liquid that gets collected inside the container is the moonshine.